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Impact Investment

By providing financial support to women-led ventures, SEGAL NYC helps them scale and grow, fostering a more diverse and inclusive business environment. These investments are designed to generate both financial returns and positive social or environmental impact.



SEGAL NYC's background in theater production sets the stage for their work in other creative sectors. They support female-led projects by providing resources, guidance, and assistance in bringing their visions to life.


Business Development

SEGAL NYC aids female-founded companies in their growth journey by offering valuable insights and strategies. They focus on enhancing the business model, identifying growth opportunities, and creating a sustainable path to success.


Market Insights

Understanding market dynamics and consumer preferences is vital for any venture. SEGAL NYC offers in-depth analysis and data-driven insights, enabling female-led companies to make informed decisions and effectively position their products or services in the market.


Networking & Connections

By leveraging their extensive network, SEGAL NYC connects female entrepreneurs and creatives with industry leaders, potential partners, and investors. These connections help facilitate opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and growth.



Jenna Segal


Jenna Segal, a Tony Award-winning producer and impact investor, is the CEO of Segal NYC and a strong advocate for female-founded, funded, and focused projects. Recently, she is a founding investor in Angel City Football Club in Los Angeles, investor in Yola Mezcal. Her Broadway productions have garnered 28 Tony nominations, all involving a female writer or director. She is a trustee of the Open Stage Project and serves as an American Ballet Theatre Trustee, championing ABT's Women's Movement. In 2021, Segal received The Melville Strauss Leadership Achievement Award and a Clio Entertainment Award for producing Broadway's Best Shows: Spotlight on Plays.

Currently Jenna is dedicated to "sharpie-ing women into history" with Peggy Guggenheim's 1943 "Exhibition by 31 Women," which she recently opened to the public for a week in May 2023 with the purpose of elevating forgotten artists into recognition. She holds a degree from George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs and completed the Harvard Business Analytics Program. Prior, Segal has worked for CNBC, CNN, and MTV Networks and lives in New York with her family.

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Hannah Kimball


Hannah could not be happier to be back at SEGAL NYC. She previously worked with the company as a Marketing Intern in 2020-2021.


Formerly, Hannah was an Administrative Assistant for Mason Joseph Company, a commercial mortgage banking firm that has closed in excess of $2.5 billion in multifamily loans. Additional past credits include being an Assistant Stage Manager for Oklahoma City Ballet, Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, and Casa Mañana; Producing Artistic Director of Musical Theatre Sessions; Marketing Director of OCU Out of the Box; and Administrative Staff Intern for the Oklahoma City Ballet.


She is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Oklahoma City University where she obtained a BFA in Design & Production, Minor in Business Entrepreneurship, and Certificate in Nonprofit Arts Administration. 

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A Competitive, Hands-On Experience in the Entertainment Industry

For over a decade, Segal NYC has been offering competitive internship opportunities to students from across the world, providing them with invaluable work experience in the entertainment business field. This unique program focuses on delivering hands-on entrepreneurial experiences and is far from being a traditional "coffee and gab" internship.

Interns at Segal NYC work directly with Jenna Segal, the company's CEO and founder, getting an up-close and personal look at the inner workings of the entertainment industry. Over the years, interns have been involved in a variety of projects, such as taking a show to Broadway, building a streaming platform from scratch, creating podcasts, and promoting new exhibitions to understand intellectual property generation.

The Segal NYC internship program has a proven track record of success, with many of its past participants going on to pursue impressive careers. Some alumni have worked at Saturday Night Live, produced films, practiced law in the women's rights field, and even joined Segal NYC as full-time employees.

This internship offers students an unparalleled opportunity to learn directly from industry professionals, develop practical skills, and gain a deep understanding of the entertainment business. Segal NYC's commitment to providing a challenging and rewarding experience helps prepare the next generation of creative leaders and innovators in the field.

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